Somatic Experiencing™ and Trauma Therapies

Julie Forsey

Julie is a retired medical doctor now offering help for people with stress, low mood or past trauma

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Julie Forsey, Somatic Experiencing™ and Trauma Therapies

Stressed or anxious?

Stress and anxiety are increasingly common, and can be from a “stuck” fight and flight response in trauma, or just from living in this crazy-busy world. Either way, I’m here to help, with effective skills you can learn to calm your nervous system.

Feeling low?

We all have down days, but when depression or low energy limits your life, then it’s good to get some help.  Trauma can lead to fear and hopelessness and SE can help you feel motivated again, and expand your comfort zone and resilience. 

Want more connection?

Many people feel isolated, or have lost connection to what matters: time with family and friends, a sense of purpose, connection to nature and more.  SE can help, starting with feeling the connection to your body and life force energy.

“Trauma is not what happens to us, but what we hold inside in the absence of an empathetic witness”

Peter A Levine